Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Teton Valley Skijoring

Getting ready to race
This is Wade my soon to be Son in Law, what an awesome young man!
Last weekend we helped at the skijoring event that was organized by Kate. She had worked since summer getting it together, plowing through obstacles and  not taking no for an answer, she is stubborn like that, in a good way! I'm really proud of her for taking on such a big project for the betterment of our community. It was not easy, but she did it ! The weekend turned out nice and I for one had a good time watching the races and flipping some burgers and it was a good excuse for Bart to fly home! Katie's soon to be husband, Wade worked for hours also getting the track ready and just helping to see that things ran smoothly. I just cant say enough how impressed I have been by him, We feel so lucky to get to have him in our family! I think they both gave a big sigh of relief to have this project over! maybe now we can get planning that wedding! september will be her before you know it!
Katie worked for months on this benefit for the Victor Riding Arena 
My grand niece Grace her smile makes everyone happy!
Wade worked hard for this event too!

Bart and Chad flippin burgers
My nephew A.J. placed 1st in the pro division , he was so fast on his horse and the skier he was pulling was awesome !
there seemed to be an abundance of little dogs in sweaters!

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