Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer is just rolling along!

I can't believe how fast Summer seems to be going! probably because I don't want it to go fast! and I'm trying to hold on to the long, warm days! We are in full swing with Summer softball and trying to get the yard ship shape! which is a lot of work! We had a great fathers day celebration for Bart the kids figured out what to get him that he doesn't have……CRAB'S!!!!!! ya the kid's brought 20# of crab to the campground and they cooked it and spread it out on a big table and we all went to crackin!!! it was delish!!!! thanks kids! Dad loved it!!!! Here are a few pictures from Father's day and softball at
Bear Lake also My birthday the week before and our trip to Fairmont Hot Springs no to many Pic's (Bart came off the water slide and broke his ankle :( bummer!!!-Lewis and Clark Cavern's and Virgina City

She is such a sweet little dolly!

note cody's hat and shirt, he just found out he will be working for WINCO
flying,  he is super happy and we are super happy for him!!!!!


thats the face of a little girl teasing her grama and grandpa! ha ha !
at the entrance of the caverns

Paige standing on the step that marks 1 mile above sea level ,
but way below the ground in Montana

I just love Virgina City, it doesn't matter how many time I go I still want to go back!

Poor Papster couldn't walk around Virgina city with us cuz of his broken ankle but he is such a good sport he didn't complain at all! { nice guy}

Friday, June 8, 2012

Wade the Bull Fighter

We went to the Jackson Hole Rodeo Wed night
It was entertaining as usual. Mostly because my son in law, Wade is a bull fighter, he is quick and I mean so quick that it just didn't matter how high I set my shutter speed, I just couldn't get a clear picture! non the less it was super fun to watch him and the bulls!

That is Wade int he black shorts running between the cowboy and the bull, ya crazy I know but he loves it!