Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Break part I

A lot has been happening around here since I last posted in Aaaaa……. February…. wow I can't believe that! I am behind around here to say the least, But I hope to catchup  this week, so I am going to start with Spring Break.
We were lucky enough to get to take a road trip with some of our kids and Taylor and a couple of her friends that are like family to us, Kenzie and Andee (love these girls) you might notice that Paige is not with us, no we didn't leave her home, she was on a school trip to London and Paris! ya poor thing!
 We traveled to the Oregon Coast with Cody and Jessie and the girls and Wade and Katie and Riggin , We had so much fun! it was so fun to have the grandkids with us!

We stayed the  first  at cascade locks the bridges are so cool 

we stopped at Bonniville Dam to see the Sturgeon, they are huge! 
Stop off in Pendleton, OR

we took the old highway that has a whole bunch of waterfalls, they were so beautiful

sea lions in Astoria

goofy girls

We took the Astoria Bridge (its long) over to Washington, it was fun after I got over my fear of long bridges and heights!

love fishing boats