Saturday, August 25, 2012

Were back in the saddle again

 We were lucky enough to be invited to go for a horse ride last week with our good friends the Calderwoods. They have quite an assortment of horses and they ride the mountains where we live a lot and know the mountains like the back of their hands.
I have not been on a horse in 25 years, sad I know. I got to ride Curt's horse Becky, she was a great ride and took good care of me! We rode up Moose creek to the "mines" and came out Bear canyon, it was beautiful even with the smoke in the air and we had a great time! …… until I couldn't go up or down stairs the next day, time to exercise more. Thanks Calderwood's for a wonderful afternoon!

this is the old copper mine 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What we have been up to……..

We had a great excuse to travel to Boise the middle of July and attend a open house for my nephew, Greg and his beautiful wife Marie.  They are a cute couple,  and it was so fun to visit with them and my family!
Sharla and Gabriela

At the end of July we jetted down to SLC for a Carr family reunion

which I always look forward to! so fun to see my extended family
that I love dearly! My only regret is not enough time to just sit and
visit with everyone! but there are over 100 people there so you can see
how hard it is to visit with everyone. I also did not get very many pictures of everyone
so I hope to steal some from my family members!!! but here are a few 
Meg! always beautiful 
Jodi and Chad came along and were celebrating their 1st anniversary

Olivia my niece Jenny's daughter  hung out with us at Lagoon
it was so fun! her and Paige are  not big roller coaster fan's but we did talk them onto a few rides!

we spent most of the afternoon at the water park going around the lazy river in a tube , it was cool but crowded!

The family at lagoon ha ha we still rent a wagon!!! just like when the kids were little!

We all rode the Farris wheel at night, it was cool! chad surprised
Jodi with am anniversary diamond while they were on the Farris Wheel
I think she was surprised???

We had to rush back Sunday morning to get Paige to a writers camp that she got pick
to attend at Harriman State Park we stopped at Megans to do a little laundry for Paige and then headed up to drop her off for the week.
Then on Friday we went to pick her up and listen to a reading from all the writers that attended.
We camped with Cody and Jessie and the girls, so fun !!


Harriman State Park 

John Sacks Cabin at Big Springs

He built everything in the cabin

My Jentri is growing up so fast!

It's nice to have Cody home for a few weeks

Big Springs 

We camped at the Riverside Camp ground