Saturday, August 25, 2012

Were back in the saddle again

 We were lucky enough to be invited to go for a horse ride last week with our good friends the Calderwoods. They have quite an assortment of horses and they ride the mountains where we live a lot and know the mountains like the back of their hands.
I have not been on a horse in 25 years, sad I know. I got to ride Curt's horse Becky, she was a great ride and took good care of me! We rode up Moose creek to the "mines" and came out Bear canyon, it was beautiful even with the smoke in the air and we had a great time! …… until I couldn't go up or down stairs the next day, time to exercise more. Thanks Calderwood's for a wonderful afternoon!

this is the old copper mine 

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alicia king said...

beautiful photos! glad you got to ride after all these years!