Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Christmas Present in Pictures

We had so much fun with Jentri at seal beach

Kate and Wade and Cody and Jessie gave us a trip to San Diego for Christmas this year! what a great gift! we had so much fun with them! here are some photos of the first day. We visited where Cody works and then went to Seal Beach. But the best part was being with our kids and kiss'in our granddaughters!!! oh and the sunshine wasn't bad!
It was fun to see where Cody works

We visited the Mormon Battalion visitors center

Seal Beach was beautiful

Jessie and Jentri walking through the tide pools

She knows just what to do when you point a camera at her!

Grandpa and Jentri treasure hunting

Little Bostyn is 6months old  

Sunday, January 8, 2012

My New Years Eve Baby Turns 21 !

This is our little tax deduction for 1990 ! she has been a joy for 21 years now! we love her, even when she pulls funny faces! this is her boy-friend Travis and he is every bit as good at pulling faces as she is ! 
We didn't do a lot for her birthday cuz she was busy snowboarding with Trav, and then we baked a little brownie cake and ate pizza, sang happy birthday, gave her some spakin's and some kisses and called it a night! we love you meggy and are so glad you came to us on that cold new years eve night 21 years 
ago ! you have always been a blessing!
Deep Thoughts

Making a wish looks painful!

Happy New Year

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hope yours was Merry and Bright!

Jentri Riding Sage and Hattie's little mini horse Sampson

Sledding on Christmas Eve
 We had a wonderful Christmas and had so much fun being together, we were so grateful that Cody and Jessie could come from California ! We enjoyed Bostyn and Jentri so much! we are so grateful for our family and love them so much!
Jentri likes to go F A S T

My girls with the Giant Stocking 
Baby Bostyn

So Happy to be all together!

Meg and Tater

Jentri and Maya ruled the sledding hill

Grampa John and Grama in that cute Christmas Sleigh

Uncle Brent with his mini team

Kortee and A.J and team Red

Lane and his Mule team