Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More San Diego

Chad getting into the Halloween Spirit!

my kids loved the Bat Rays

those Dolphins are pretty smart

eewwww yuk they gross me out!

pickle anyone?

Wyatt and Bart

tee hee!

Oh we love the water!

3 D movie time. Wyatt and Judson went with us to Sea World that day.

In the lobby of the Del. Maybe some day we can afford to actually stay there!

We were guests at the home where Bart is working, they made us a great meal and the kids
 got to swim we had a great time!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Little Beach Action

We just returned from a little trip to San Diego. Bart has been working there for awhile now and we were missing him so we flew down and then I drove home with him and the kids flew home to get back to school and work. We had so much fun showing the kids around San Diego and going to the beach and to Sea World but it is nice to get home and have Bart home for a little while.
Old Town San Diego

panning for gold at the Mormon Battalion
visitors center
if your ever in San Diego go see it!

shamu and some friends

they were all decked out for Halloween at Sea World

Soaking wet after the Shamu show

San Diego Temple at night from the Freeway

On Mission Beach

Girls havin fun together I'm so glad they like each other!

Paige loved the Del on Coronado Island

Me and Bart stopped at Cove Fort on the way home. it was so interesting
 to hear stories about it, president Hinckley's Grandfather  was in charge of building it and taking care of it back in the 1850''s  if your ever in southern Utah go see it!