Monday, June 3, 2013


Our darling daughter Paige graduated from High School on friday night, we are so proud of her and her accomplishments, she has worked hard and has earned almost a years worth of college credits during her Jr and Sr year as well as being the editor of her High School Newspaper and writing a weekly column for the Teton Valley News and was Young Women's President in our ward for the past 2 years
she is sweet and smart and fun to be around, she has a really great english accent when she wants to talk about english literature  and watch the BBC, she wants to live in London and I expect that she will make all her dreams come true through hard work and I will be able to go to London and visit her in a few years. 
Graduation was nice but we did miss Cody and Jessie and the girls and Wade and Riggin , Taylor is not to sure about being the only one at home this fall when Paige moves to Rexburg to attend BYU-I but Im sure that we will all adjust, I'm just super glad Paige won't be to far away! I will miss this girl and the joy she brings to our home!