Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Weekend in the Woods

We had a great weekend up at Mosquito Creek Hunting Camp that Wade works at, we were able to stay cuz the hunters won't start coming in till the 2nd week of September. we had been there before for cookouts but this was the first time to stay the weekend. We did a little fishing and playing games and eating and horse back riding and it was great, just really fun to have all my kids together with no TV or internet!!! really so fun to just visit and play with the grand kids! There are no pictures of Paige because she had her wisdom teeth pulled a few days before and well so was not feeling to perky! and she looked like she had softballs in her cheeks! poor girl!!! Well it is good to get away every now and again  and even though i'm technically living in my camper …… I don't really concider it camping…. cuz its just not that fun when you HAVE to live in your camper!  I am looking forward to fall my favorite time of year! hopefully we will be in our new house around the end of Oct so I better gear up for a couple of months more of Camper Living!!!!
Tater tot,   loves horses

Megan's first horse ride

These two little girls were so good never whined once!

Wade was a pretty good guide! thanks Wade!

I don't think that the pictures do it justice, it was soooooo pretty!

Jentri and Bostyn love to ride!

Grandpa and little man, they kinda like each other!

Pretty Girl

here fishy fishy fishy!

Happy Birthday Chad!!!

sweet little magnetic case for Chado's binoculurs
Megan, on our little fishing walk!

The Birthday Boy went fishing

Ohhhh Riggin has such a worried look on his little face!

who knew a game of horse shoes is so much fun!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So many things to write, so little time to do it!

For my Birthday my kids gave me the best gift EVER!!! a trip to visit my sister Melody in Northern California, so I flew into Oakland and she and my Bro in law came and picked me up and we spent the night in Oakland and they gave me the grand tour of San Francisco on Saturday we then drove back to their house and had a nice Quiet Sunday visiting and catching up! I was so fun I just had a wonderful time !!! I hope I can do it again and take my family next time to show them all the sights! Peter and Melody were the best tour guides and they love seafood just as much as I do !!!!! love them both!!!  It was a nice repreave from all the stress of moving!!! I will write more on that next time:)
Melody and Peter, my gracious tour guides

This is fort Point it was built during the Civil War! to guard San Francisco.
it was really interesting to look around ! its right by the Golden Gate Bridge.

Had to laugh at this! but some of it is still good advice!
Me and my sweet sister Melody

walking along the Golden Gate Bridge

Lombart street ( that was a kick)

looking out at Alcatraz from the Wharf

What a deal!

MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm yummy!

sooooo truuuuue!
Surfing under the Golden Gate Bridge... who knew!

Double decker carousel, so awesome, I missed my grandkids at this point! 

I wish I had a sail boat…. and knew how to sail!!

so much fun, riding the trolley with my sister… loved it!

self portrait ha ha!!really bad!

My cute sister , she loved it as much as me!!!!
it really doesn't take much to make us happy!

Need I say more!!!

Trolleys are so fun!

yep thats right! its a sourdough alligator  with little turtles on its back!!
Eat more crab!!!!!! its good for you!!!!

ya they pretty much can make anything out of sourdough!

my sisters house in Yuba City, They made me feel right at home!!

Monday, June 3, 2013


Our darling daughter Paige graduated from High School on friday night, we are so proud of her and her accomplishments, she has worked hard and has earned almost a years worth of college credits during her Jr and Sr year as well as being the editor of her High School Newspaper and writing a weekly column for the Teton Valley News and was Young Women's President in our ward for the past 2 years
she is sweet and smart and fun to be around, she has a really great english accent when she wants to talk about english literature  and watch the BBC, she wants to live in London and I expect that she will make all her dreams come true through hard work and I will be able to go to London and visit her in a few years. 
Graduation was nice but we did miss Cody and Jessie and the girls and Wade and Riggin , Taylor is not to sure about being the only one at home this fall when Paige moves to Rexburg to attend BYU-I but Im sure that we will all adjust, I'm just super glad Paige won't be to far away! I will miss this girl and the joy she brings to our home!