Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Weekend in the Woods

We had a great weekend up at Mosquito Creek Hunting Camp that Wade works at, we were able to stay cuz the hunters won't start coming in till the 2nd week of September. we had been there before for cookouts but this was the first time to stay the weekend. We did a little fishing and playing games and eating and horse back riding and it was great, just really fun to have all my kids together with no TV or internet!!! really so fun to just visit and play with the grand kids! There are no pictures of Paige because she had her wisdom teeth pulled a few days before and well so was not feeling to perky! and she looked like she had softballs in her cheeks! poor girl!!! Well it is good to get away every now and again  and even though i'm technically living in my camper …… I don't really concider it camping…. cuz its just not that fun when you HAVE to live in your camper!  I am looking forward to fall my favorite time of year! hopefully we will be in our new house around the end of Oct so I better gear up for a couple of months more of Camper Living!!!!
Tater tot,   loves horses

Megan's first horse ride

These two little girls were so good never whined once!

Wade was a pretty good guide! thanks Wade!

I don't think that the pictures do it justice, it was soooooo pretty!

Jentri and Bostyn love to ride!

Grandpa and little man, they kinda like each other!

Pretty Girl

here fishy fishy fishy!

Happy Birthday Chad!!!

sweet little magnetic case for Chado's binoculurs
Megan, on our little fishing walk!

The Birthday Boy went fishing

Ohhhh Riggin has such a worried look on his little face!

who knew a game of horse shoes is so much fun!

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