Thursday, August 27, 2009

Well my sweetheart had a birthday on the 18th of Aug, not just any birthday the BIG 50, I had planned all along to throw a party and invite all the people that would have been happy to give him a big bag of depends and preperation H, black balloons and well you get the picture. Instead I decided to put a bug in the kids ear that their dad would really like to visit uncle Lance up in Alaska ( he and Deb are care taking a fishing lodge in Sitka) well as usual the kids did not disapoint! they pooled their money and bought a ticket to Sitka! and the really good news is that it turned into a job also! helping Lance and Deb with a few projects! yea a job! so Bart left last week and is having the time of his life fishing and helping his brother! thanks kids you are the best kids 2 parents could have asked for, you will never know just how happy you have made your dad!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lake Time

We have been trying to get to the lake more this summer, last year we only went once ( am so ashamed!) so this year has been better and Chad has been making up for not getting to swim for 2 years! this is over at Big Elk and just in case you were wondering YES I tired to stop him from jumping! I really don't think it looks like fun but him and Jake think it does! we really had a great day!