Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Angels watching out for us

Monday morning I got up early to go to work at the hospital, I thought, man I wish I could stay home and do the laundry today, it smells a little stinky! Taylor woke up and came in and said she didn't feel well so I said go back to bed and get some sleep, I well have Katie come over at lunch time. I went off the work and didn't think another thing about it.
I was super busy at work and was not to worried about Taylor she is 14 and can manage pretty well without me. Cody and Jessie came by the Hospital to tell me they were going to have a GIRL in July and I was so excited ! Cody said he was going past the house to pickup his snow machine.  About 30 min later Bart called the hospital to say that Cody called him cuz the house was filled with Propane!!!!! I was so scared! Taylor had been there all day! I had Katie bring her to the ER she was having blurry vision, headache and trouble saying the right words. Oh my goodness she is O.K. after a little oxygen therapy and a call to poison control.
Cody took care of calling the propane company and I called the fire department and they all came out to help! the crawl space was flooded, and the main floor . Cody got a instant headache just walking in the house. thank heavens Taylor had gone upstairs during the day! and didn't try to cook anything!!!! or there would have been a big hole in the ground where my house  use to be!!! and thanks to Cody he just happened by before Paige came home, I don't know if she would of recognized the smell! cuz I sure didn't!
 The what if's are really scary! I know our guardian angels were looking out for us ! We are so grateful!  The next day Paige was in a car accident with her friend Zack thank heavens they were all O.K. Maybe I should put them both in a bubble!! I was really scared to send Taylor up snowboarding for school today! I think maybe I'm a little paranoid!  well Bart is flying home tomorrow and will get the propane back to working order but I'm not in a big hurry!! kinda scared of it now!!!!


alicia king said...

oh, thank goodness it was nothing more! makes you think of every little thing that could have happened! glad Taylor's ok!

Michelle & Trevor said...

Oh my gosh, thank heavens you are all alright!

Big Bopper said...

Julie, Oh my goodness!! I'm so glad everything is ok. What a miracle. And all of the wonderful news - 2 weddings and another baby girl!!! It doesn't get any better. Let us know when the weddings are, it would be so much fun to come.