Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunday Drive

Last weekend Cody ad Jessie and Jentri surprised me by coming up after church and Chad and Jody spent the day with us too! it was so fun, I really enjoyed being with them ! we went for a little "hay" ride when A.J. came by with his team, it was fun and Jentri loved it, she loves anything to do with horses. after that, since it was such a pretty day we drove over to the Elk refuge so me and Jessie could take some pictures of the Elk. We also saw quite a bit of wildlife! more than I expected! take a look...

I think he was posing for me!
Big Horn Sheep this herd lives right by the refuge
I cant remember seeing wolves in the wild before, maybe once in Yellowstone, but now it seems  I hear about people seeing them once and a while in the back country. Its definitely getting more common.
I got a SWEET new Nikkor 70-300mm lens for Christmas I love it, without it I would have never gotten these pics
it is hard to see from the pics just how big these wolves were, but we could see that they were BIG, there was a third one but he had just gone over the ridge before I started snapping the pictures.
one of them came down the ridge to get some dinner
can you see him lurking behind that tree, he was hunting for some dinner, i.e. baby sheep.
he is still just behind that middle tree, those little sheep were looking for mama!
then they just started flat out running, I would too!

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rachel said...

wow your pictures are great... glad you could shop ect with your girls in s.l. it's so pretty there in the spring. we're just verily getting spring flowers here.
love ya