Friday, May 3, 2013

Oregon Coast Part III

Tillamook cheese factory, worth the drive!
We headed down the coast to Tillamook, its such a great drive! to get some really great Ice Cream!! we went to find a light house that we wanted to see and then traveled to Pacific City and rented a house just a little walk to the beach, it was super nice, I felt lucky to find a place that would rent to a pretty big crowd! and so close to the beach! the only thing that could have been better is if we could of stayed a week!! never enough time!!!!

This little man loves to drive!

cute little family! love them

Riggin's first ice cream cone…. it was a hit!

Jessie said it was her life long dream to ride a  bike on the beach :)

We rented a really nice house in Pacific City just a short walk from the beach!
There is just a beautiful picture no matter where you are looking!

Who knew it was so fun to ride a bike on the beach!

out the back of the House was a path the the Beach

Grandpa, grilling up some burgers

some of the houses in the neighborhood, forgot to take a photo of the outside of ours :(

Cody spotted this air museum, he had to stop! it was way cool! thanks son!

Little Pilots 

This place was seriously BIG! they built it to house BLIMPS!

Lighthouse hunting!

love that a toothless grin!
Happy Hikers!

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