Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weddings Weddings Weddings !!!

We are into full Wedding Planning mode at our house! We did these cute save the date cards for Kate and Wade to send to the people who live far away. There are so many things to pull together, its all fun just a little stressful cuz ya don't want to forget anything!! Bart is home for the summer! thank heavens! and he seems to be picking up some work here and there so we are grateful. For those you who don't know Kate will be married on Sept 3, 2011 and Chad on July 30, 2011 We are so happy and feel like we hit the jackpot on our new son and daughter in law's they are so awesome and we already love them!

We are also getting ready to go to Martins Cove next week and are excited to have that experience with Taylor and Paige! We have our bonnets ready and our Mosquito repellant ready to go!


AnitaDaaaaling said...

You should enter this photo in a contest.
It's the cutest thing ev-er! Luv it!

alicia king said...

yes, i agree! awesome photo Julie!