Thursday, May 19, 2011

Catch up!

May has been a super busy month, while waiting for it to STOP snowing ! We celebrated Cody's Birthday with dinner and bowling, it was fun Cody and Chad have quite a rivalry but the Birthday boy won! but Jentri always beats grama! its not to hard to beat Grama! I had a nice Mothers day with breakfast in bed to kick it off!! we had a great day!  
We have had lots of concert and recitals and softball , its all good just busy! I keep telling myself that we only have 4 years till our last little bird fly's away so I am trying not to wish it away! I love being a mother and am so grateful for them all! and all the business of motherhood! I'm a lucky girl!

The Birthday Boy!

I keep asking Jodi if she REALLY wants to Marry HIM!!!!!

So grateful for this Mother!!!

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