Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday America!

What a great weekend ! the only draw back was that it was chilly, yes chilly like in the 60's chilly, like take your sleeping bag and long underwear to the fireworks! So needless to say we did not make it to the lake cuz we knew we would freeze! but we had fun anyways, two of my nephews came up to the parade, Glen and David, Glen brought a friend, Britany, it was fun to meet her! and always good to see these guys ! In the afternoon we braved the crowds and went 4 hours early to get a piece of ground closeup to see Glen Beck and I have to say that it was sooooo good! That man can speak! he had the best stories about our founding fathers. A band from BYU-I played for about an hour before Glenn Beck and they just put you into a patriotic mood it was so enjoyable. The fireworks show was the best I have ever seen! what a great night! on the 4th the Woolstenhulmes got together in the evening up Game Creek and had a chicken fry, good food and good company! Cody and Jessie are staying with us for the week so I am enjoying having Jentri to play with!
Glen & Brittany & David             Candy Davis & Elvis....?
wait'n for the show to start
The cooksif that does'nt make you hungry noth'in will

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Jessie Woolstenhulme said...

thanks again for the great week at your house :) i stole a couple of these pics to put on my blog, just so i could document the 4th ;) i can't believe i couldn't find my camera! thanks again! we love you!