Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where do I start?

Wow! a lot has been going on and I cant believe that June is just about gone! Megan came home to surprise me for my birthday! what a great surprise! we went out to Blacktail to watch her boyfriend, Travis wake board, He is very good and competes all around the northwest. It was fun to watch him . Then we went to Bear Lake for Taylor's all star tournament a couple weeks ago and I did the unthinkable.... I forgot my camera! I was so bummed! Cody and Jessie met us there as well as Jake and Sara. We had a great time camping and watching ball games and Taylor's team took 4th place out of 11 teams and the teams that beat us were from Boise and Pocatello and twin falls, Ya know places that play ball starting in march, not may! so I think they did really good! then I came home and got ready to go to Girls Camp, we had a great time and everything went smooth which was a blessing! we have the best girls they are so helpful and kind to each other. the stake did a ropes course the 1st day that lasted the whole day. I think the girls really learned a lot! I was on the stake camp board this year and my job was to put together skit sacks for all the wards, it was really fun to see what kind of skit they came up with using the stuff I put in the bags, they are so creative! Our theme was Courage and super heros, we had Sue Beard come and talk to the girls on having courage, she has survived so many trials and is such an inspiration, it was such a good talk, it makes me tearful just to think about it. So glad I have gotten to have those experiences with the girls.  we finally made it to the lake last weekend and it was so relaxing! the kids had a great time! Chad and Jake had Sara and Jodi those girls are so much fun to be around! the water was just a tad bit cold but hey its only June! we ran up to Alpine and got some fireworks for the 4th of July which is coming right up, wow! you spend all this time waiting for summer to appear and then its here and gone!!!! i just hope we can enjoy it one day at a time!

Travis practicing his moves!

This is Travis's dads sweet boat!
isn't she cute 

it's hard to take a girl with a mustache seriously, Ashley looked at herself in the mirror and said while she was cracking up " I look just like my dad did in the 70's" she cracks me up!! 

the girls practicing  their skit

Paige, the script writer

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Bentz Family said...

I love what Ashley said about her musache! It cracked us up!

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