Friday, April 23, 2010

A Little Trip

I took a little spur of the moment trip last week to see my sweetie down in San Diego,  He has been working down there for about a month and well,  we are missing him a lot around here! but we are also grateful that he is working! so I hopped on a plane and away I went! it was so nice to get out of our snowy spring weather and into the beautiful weather of San Diego! what a beautiful city! Bart knows his way around really well ( he has work down there in the past) so he took me to all the sites and we had a great time!

This is the home that he is working at, it is soooo beautiful and the owners were so kind to let us stay there for a couple of nights! I judge all properties by the pool and this one gets a A+

We went over to Coronodo Island, very nice!

This is the bridge you have to take to get there!
This is the Del Coronodo, it was built in the late 1800's' it is a treasure!

Nice Beach too!

This statue sits in the harbor right next to the Midway, I got the Helicopter in the shot for my sons, they like'em!

We went to "Old Town" and really enjoyed all the history and museums, were weird like that!

We went to the Mormon Battalion historical site
it was so well done and interesting !
I said " honey get in that wagon so I can take a picture" and he did!Then I said " honey buy me some seafood" and he did!Then I said " Take me to the Car Show so I can covet over 2 thousand sweet old cars" and he did!!!!
Thats why I love him! we like the same things!

Then I had to come home cuz the children were sad and missed thier Mama! but it was a blizzard and I wanted to go back to San Diego where its beautiful!!!
But then I saw my little Jentri Kay and I was glad to be

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Lance and Deb said...

Julie....So glad you got to run away and see Bart...Looks like you had a great time...and Jentri Kay is a DOLLY !!!!