Friday, February 13, 2009


I always feel this way in February! I save up all my get organized/catchup the scrapbooks/read a good book or two... for the long cold Jan/Feb/March days but it always hits me half way through Feb that time just leaves me in its tracks!!! and I can never get through everything that I would like to!!! but life is to short to sweat the details !!! or so I try to tell myself!! more importantly one of my resolutions this year was to stay in better contact with loved ones, and friends. I think that is really important so with the help of technology I vow to keep in touch!! I was blessed to be born and also to marry into a great families!!! it really is who I am and I am grateful!!! and also so grateful for my own family!! here are a few more pictures of my grandaughter!!! she is so much fun to take pictures of!!!!! Happy Valentines day everyone

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