Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back Yard Helicopter

We got a nice surprise the other day! Cody and one of his students landed in the field in back of our house, it was fun to watch him come in and take off. they also flew down to the Driggs airport and landed there and we had lunch with them and then they flew home. He and this same student are going to fly to Seattle next week. I'm happy he loves his new job so much, If you love your job you never WORK a day in your life!!! love ya son.


Cody and Jess said...

That is one sweet vid Ma!!!!! Thanks for puting me on your blog. Im glad you could fit me in between all the pics of jentri!! but love you much Ma

Cody and Jess said...

hey! i did get my stuff from shabby princess...thanks for your help! cody might be coming now...he is still trying to figure out if seattle is a go or not. we will let you know...either way we will see you this weekend! what time is jake's baptism on sat??

Cody and Jess said...

Tag your it! Check out my blog for details. :)