Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yellowstone 2012

 We traveled to Yellowstone last weekend with some of our kids and the grandkids. I love Yellowstone in the Fall ! it is so peaceful to me. The weather was beautiful, just a little smoke from one of the fires that was burning in the park. We saw the usual wildlife but not as much as normal :( bummer, but we had a great time even though Cody and Jessie's Denali had the water pump go out as we were finishing up Sunday afternoon so Bart and Cody had to make a trip back on Monday to put the car on the trailer and bring it home. That all went well and they had the car fixed by that evening.

My family LOVES magnification!! 

had to laugh at that Cow with her baby nursing, that baby was not so little anymore!

we camped on the Madison River

We thought that this guy had a lot of class! love that truck!

For someone who hates heights :( it seemed like i was always looking over the edge}!

we had  tail gate party in Mammoth with the Elk
 and then ate Ice Cream with a wooden spoon ! my favorite!

I Love Big Buff's

We walked down to the lower falls at the grand canyon of yellowstone .
not to bad going down, took me a bit to get back out!

You can see where we hiked to on the right where the people are
standing! breathtaking!

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mhall said...

It is so beautiful! And your photo's are great. No wonder people come from all over the world to see Yellowstone. And getting to spend it all with family makes it even better. Mom and Dad are smiling, I can tell.