Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Quack Quack waddle waddle Quack Quack!

The Ducks Were a hit!!! 

We had a great Easter Day on Sunday the weather was beautiful and we had all the kids home, except for Jodi, she was in Phoenix with her family soaking up some real sun!  Cody flew in Saturday for a few days from San Diego it was so good to see him!!!
Bart is tending a flock of chicks so we thought that some Ducks would be fun for Easter! and the girls just loved them! We had a BBQ and a Easter Egg hunt for everyone, which is so fun to watch! and we got to have it outside which is something we have not done for years! usually the weather stinks, so it was fun to be outside! here are a few pictures…...

Jentri's  new easter boots

This is Jodi's bunny that Chad got her but she was in Phoenix with her mom but we sure had fun with her Bunny!

Cody thought that he could cover more ground on the dirt bike

Grama and Grandpa watching the HUNT

Chad came from work at the Airport, there was no HIDING anything from him!

The WINNERS of the gold and silver Eggs!!! 

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mhall said...

What a fun time! You had ducklings AND a bunny!
I'm so glad that the weather cooperated!