Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is it Raining?

 Britni and the girls threw a nice Shower for Kate last night, Lori Calderwood was gracious enough to have it on her lawn ( thank you again) we had a great time! Kate got so many nice things, people are so generous! we are trying to pull the last few things together for the wedding but all the sudden it is coming fast! I will just say " I thought I handled stress better than this" nope I don't! cant sleep and cant remember anything! sorry everyone!
but hopefully all the major  bases are covered. Katie has worked so hard ! I just want her to have a beautiful day!
marshmallow anyone?

Gill crashed the party, he was a great hula hooper!

Virgina could really hula! who knew!

lil miss Jentri, I'm going to miss her , sniff sniff!

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