Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Sister!!!!

Today is my sister, Melody's birthday. I found this great picture of her blowing out the 10 candles of her
birthday cake that our mother made. I don't remember this day cuz I was only 2 when she turned 10 but what great memories I do have of my big sister! I could not have asked for a better sister than her. Melody always loved me and I loved her. I can still remember her sitting up at night with me rubbing out my charlie horses and taking care of me when I was sick, I was so sad when she went away to college , but I didn't miss her cold feet, that girl had the coldest feet!! ha ha I wonder if they have ever warmed up!!! When me and my parents took her to the the MTC when she went on a mission to Norway, I cried all the way back to Boise. I thought she was going to be gone forever!!! She has always been such a good example to me and I have always looked up to her! What a wonderful Mother and Wife she is! she has a strong testimony that just radiates! I love her laugh and the twinkle in her eyes when she is around her beautiful grandchildren!! Happy Birthday Sister! I Love You!!!


Michelle & Trevor said...

She's pretty great!! And no, her feet never warmed up :)

mhall said...

This is so sweet! Thank you - I don't think I have that picture. I'm so glad mom wasn't afraid to have a baby after 40. You were (and are) such a joy to the whole family. Siblings are the best gift you can give your children! Thanks for being the best little sister ever. And yes, my feet did warm up (menopause isn't all bad!)