Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

A couple of weeks ago this darling girl turned sixteen, I dont know what happened to sixteen years but never the less they are gone and now I miss my "little girl" yep the one who would write on all the walls and stick the toilet plunger to her stomach, and would spill food coloring all over the kitchen! and put cookies in the VCR and hot rollers down the toilet! o.k never mind I'm glad she is sixteen! She is such a wonderful girl full of imagination, and stories to write, she never lacks for things to keep her busy! She wanted to go to the museum for her birthday, seriously what sixteen year old wants the museum for her birthday? well we had a great time!  ya she is not your typical teenager but she is wonderful and I love her!


Holly Marie said...

Happy Birthday beautiful!

alicia king said...

wow 16 already! i remember hearing about the plunger!

all your girls are gorgeous, they take after you!