Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Birthdays, Halloween and more Birthdays

We love Halloween at our house and the fact that it is also Taylors birthday is just the icing on the cake!! our little pumpkin butt turned 13 on Halloween we had a great time and were so happy that Cody and Jessie and Jentri also came up to see us! it was so fun to see Jentri all dressed up like a lady bug and learnin how to trick or treat!! We also had a visit from Britni and Derrick and their little chicken Adysann, so cute! we also celebrated Jentri's 1st birthday the saturday before! we had a great time and after the party was over we went to Terror in the Tetons which was.... well... Terrifying!!!! it was fun to run around the creek bottom and have monsters chase you with chain saws and headlesss horseman chase you !!! it really put is in the mood for Halloween!!!

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Alicia King said...

Happy Birthday to Taylor, that would be the best birthday on Halloween! Hope you guys find work soon!