Wednesday, July 1, 2009


well its been a while since I have posted but I do have a good excuse, I've been busy healing up from having my appendix taken out, and to be truthful I'm glad its gone I mean what are appendix's good for except to make surgeon's rich! and I don't ever have to worry that It will hurt like that again! I've seen a lot of people with acute appendicitis and they didn't look to happy and well, they were right, it is not any fun! surgery pretty much sucks too but it is better than the alternative!they could not do it through a scope so I have a bigger incision cuz my appendix was not where it was suppose to be,trust me to not be textbook! so It's kind of a hard way to get to use your sick leave at work, but hay ya got to look at the bright side don't ya! It's been nice being with the girls everyday. I got out of the hospital and hopped into the camper to go to Bear Lake to watch Taylor play softball( she is on the all star team this summer) well o.k. I didn't hop into the camper but I did lay around the camper and well It was nice cuz if I'm home I just can't stand to lay there and I get up and find things that need done so It was good to be away from it all!
Enough about me! Meg finally got moved to Provo even though I slowed her down a little, she is still looking for a job! so if anyone has any leads let us know. We are looking forward to having my brother and sister and some of their families for the 4Th it will be so good to see them! I love the 4Th of July I have such good memories of it when I was a kid! it was my moms birthday so It was a double holiday! we would always go to the Park and have a picnic with family, so fun!!!!!

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Ashley said...

JULIE! Wow! This is Ashley Hill... now Ashley Farmer! I found you on Kortnee Nelson's blog! How are you? It is so crazy to see everyone so grown up! Cody has a baby!!! Holy Smokes! I miss you and I miss Katie! How is she doing? you will have to visit my blog its
luv ya tell everyone hi for me